Frequently Asked Questions

Q: I'm a beginning golfer and have taken a few lessons. Should I go and purchase a set of clubs now or wait for my lesson series to be over?  

  • A: Having the Twin Brook Golf Academy at our central location, this is a question we are frequently asked. If you are a beginning golfer and someone is suggesting or trying to sell you a set of clubs, which is typically 14 clubs, run away as fast as your legs enable you. First things first … you are a beginner, less clubs at this time in the developmental phase is better. We typically will make this customer a short set consisting of a lofted fairway wood that they can tee off with as well as use from the fairway.  A hybrid, and a short set of irons, a 6-8-PW-SW, and a putter may be a solution. With this type of set they can actually go to the golf course and play. Additional clubs can be purchased as their ability increases. It's also a good idea, if a short set is not appropriate at the time, to at least have one club made that is the right length, weight, flex, loft and lie angle, so you can truly benefit from the lessons you are taking.


Q: Are custom clubs really better than what we find in the bigger retail chains?

  • A: Our fitting process for a custom set of irons for instance can take up to 1.5 hours. The reason for this is that certain choices have to be exhausted in order to make sure that we are providing you with the best fit possible. The first step is picking the appropriate style of iron based on the player’s ability, as well as what is visually appealing:
    • Forged or cast
    • Muscle back or cavity back
    • High polish finish, satin or raw
    • Offset or Non offset
    • Game improvement


    The shaft, without a doubt, is critically important in the process of making the club not only feel good but in also providing a high launch condition  with a penetrating flight to produce the most attainable distance possible. This is where the majority of time is spent in determining what weight, flex, length, loft, and lie produce the best possible combination to maximize the golfer’s ability. Demo irons are built to a customer’s specs until we achieve the desired results. All of the data is shown to the customer and gone over with them so they feel 100% sure they are making an educated purchase. Our ability to produce a truly custom club is because of our access to certain types of steel and graphite shafts that the major manufacturers do not have as choices in their lines of irons, fairway woods, and drivers. At this point in time, you can only get light, senior, regular, stiff, and x-flex from the major manufacturers. We can produce all of these as well as soft regular, firm, and stiff +.

Q: My driver seems to back up in the fairway producing little to no forward roll. Do you think I need a new driver?

  • A: A few things could contribute to this scenario. A steep angle of attack into the ball will impart more backspin, much like an iron, which could cause this. It could also be caused by a shaft that is too weak, but once again, an analysis would certainly determine the actual cause and effect.

Q: Are “knockoffs or copies” of the brand name manufacturers just as good?

  • A: We do not use “knockoffs or copies”. We take pride in providing our customers with the highest quality heads and shafts that are currently available from major manufacturers.